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Quality Assurance

Thai Delmar Co., Ltd. has considered for best quality and safety of our products for priority. We control all the processes since production to finished products. Also we concern GMP of our staffs and all involved people in order to convince customers to have finest products.

Furthermore, we consider the nutrition and taste from our products produced by natural resources. These are engaged by quality control with appropriated environment of production for most excellent products.

We have microbiological laboratory to check the microbial, which contaminate from production process. The surroundings and staffs’ Health have been monitored by contemporary devices. The assessment could be prompt and truthful by skillful technicians.

We could inspect and analyze antibiotics, which may remain in raw materials (ELISA). This is to manage raw material condition and observe chemicals in term of safety for the next step.

Testing and product characteristics are verified to ensure that our products meet the standard and satisfy customers.

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